Do science Better Than Barack Obama

the other is ridiculous technology that’ll never happen think about you driving here today do you want all those people in flying cars also the way we look at artists think about the way we look at scientists again we split them into two-camps either we think of them as grandfatherly bestow errs of wisdom on our culture or we look at them as nerds and Geeks that are below us every generation that has existed since we ‘ve been writing stuff down has thought the same thing about science they have thought that everything has already been-discovered now this is one of them.

my heroes Richard Feynman Richard find a colleague of his tells a story about going over Fineman’s house for dinner to cook spaghetti and as they were breaking spaghetti to put into the boiling water the colleague noticed that when your break spaghetti strand it doesn’t just break in the middle that actually the third piece flies out of the middle and from a material science standpoint it actually kind of unique they never got to spaghetti they actually ended up breaking every strand of piece of pasta that was in fireman’s house trying to investigate the original cause of what’s going on with the material what was what was causing it to behave in that way this is le lamb ER at years old.

she is a Berkeley resident who suspected-that the parking meters in Berkeley aren’t giving the right amount of times he apparently the City of Berkeley had been approached about this by a lot of people and said it’s going to cost us like two hundred thousand dollars to do a study on it she did it in a few weeks with a stopwatch her work became published paper which became legislation know as Lammers law in California about the regulation of the timer’s on parking-meters this is Jack and Rekha at he discovered.

The Lazy Man’s Guide To Retirement communities

I think you have generally had fewer doctors that you’re dealing with like you have your house doctors of the last facility I worked at I think we had just three doctors and they came three different days of the week and those were the ones you would call obviously if it’s after hours.

you ‘re going to get their own call but um with assisted living they can either choose to see our doctor or nurse practitioners which comes to the facility which is a lot easier or if they have like a lifelong doctor that they’ve been seeing for like you know years then obviously they can still see that doctor does make it a little harder because it seems like instead of the patient you know you handle it up on calling their own doctor to get refills or their own doctor to get a new script for something depending on their cognition level.

you will have to hunt and call usĀ housing for seniors bi-specific doctors and some of them you know they have a lung doctor a regular doctor you know nephrologist like you just name it-like they’ve got all these different doctors and unfortunately I think we’re getting more organized to where I’m at now like you may not have that doctors phone number fax number like in your charts so thank god for google and going through and trying to like hunt down that kind of information it can’t eat up so your tie oh sorry you can’t eat up some of your time um but I don’t think it’s it’s just tedious as all it is it’snot really hard necessarily per se it’s just kind of like sort of like playing detective to find out you know what dr.they’re seeing for say dermatology or something specific.

The Only Person Concerned About Massage School Omaha, NE

The internet this thing I mean it’s changed Massage School Omaha, NE just about everything in clouding the way we network there was a time meeting other professionals happen mostly you go to the Chamber of Commerce functions now you’d connect with people you can still do that but LinkedIn as revolutionize the way people connect with professionals in their business whether they’re down the street or across the country yeah how can you make the most of the site well Stephanie kids here to explain she works in career development at Omaha school of massage and health care at Herz University good nice to meet you Stephanie morning nice to you thanks, Tim I’ve got a LinkedIn page but I don’t think I use it to it to it I know I talked about right now I’ve got the page and I you know I use Facebook a lot more on Twitter so I’m trying to use LinkedIn.

Little bit more described LinkedIn for people that may not be familiar sure so um LinkedIn is a social networking site that is designed for professional networking Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and some of those other sites are designed more just for fun and for your own personal social outlet exactly so you guys do you both have a Facebook account is that your page I do haven’t you I doI’ll again that’s a good one yes ma’am okay so we’ll use it as our pilot today so why should someone Joe use linked on who should join let’s start there um well we coach our students at the Omaha school of massage and health care that all of them should join LinkedIn anyone who is trying to establish themselves in any industry as an industry professional LinkedIn is a great tool for that we know research tells us that.

Ninety percent of employers will do just simple google search on any candidate for a job before they even call people in for interviewing absolutely and if you haven’t established you out there as a professional in your industry then you have to think about what they’re gonna find funny we even do that for interns right we’re going to take that result without and we told them afterwards if we look at their the social media page yes exactly so you want to give that potential employers something.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Salon Products

Actually kind of nice because i have used it it comes out unlike a foam like a foam clarifying shampoo that i love it so much it needed a new clarifying shampoo you guys know if you watch my other video all those years ago i was obsessed with epaulet Mitchell clarifying shampoo i us edit for years and never had a problem with it this blows it away it is so used it last last week my hair I had never felt so clean and light and just refreshed and the what it says on the box it says go deep purifying hair and scalp.

without stripping Salon Hair Products their essence volcanic ash powders this detox Whaleboat is it volcanic ash powers this detoxifying mousse which polishes away dirt oil and product build-up hair is restored with the new inner glow and Matt I can attest you one hundred percent because my hair felt so Couldn’t I couldn’t pinpoint what it was you know I just felt so like healthy and know i just got a haircut souls of allot can’t be like that um and it just it felt like like everything that was in in it you knowing eyes they stripped it out.

But it was not strict feeling wasn’t dry it felt moisturize it felt condition and I hadn’t even like done the conditioner yet but basically this is also color and keratin treatment safe and has UV protection for your hair vehicle to freehand gluten free and this also it says it’s formally without parables sulfate sand sodium for episode that is that for this again if you need a good car everyone should have the clarifying shampoo um I’m just happy that were they finally came out with one and it is just phenomenal.

I love it definitely don’t want to overdo it on this I um probably do it like once or twice a month um if Feel like my hair needs I probably salon products once month but twice if my hair I’ve really overdone with product but I love it you’re it this will change or if you’ve never used a clarifying shampoo do it it’s safe you know its color suffragette said and Karen and safe just get it.

Why Is Everyone Talking About School Supply Packs?

Never take toff real nice okay try on something else you’re being dog and every weird fashion show I’ve done a filler in a weird fashion so I really like those shoes make you taller huh Sean three yeah there’s a hidden wedge this is peacekeeping help cute I’d actually slap myself with a faceless asses okay you need to go over and look at her a bit this one comes with a pony get a first look Emma this has a little boots these little thought car thing yeah I have to choose can I just knock you have to choose.

which one you like better and then the audience has to choose which one they like better colors wait does it have a cute detail turn it bribe her with stuff Tina oh my gosh Have a feeling we got a bun and it has scarf is it tough I can touch these foursome low riders with you know what I would do in if I were you I would pick my outfit but I’d pick this curse cuss I didn’t even see this first you like the brown with the bunny mine comes the pig my life I just your you you’re picking mine I’m gonna steal your bunny like a winner ox picking certain things from daddies but my outfit G’s it landed perfectionist we just got back.

Into the car and yeah we and I’ve already changed these extremely comfy out but I’m slowly becoming Noah in sweats and they also gave us that style perks off and the reason why the magazine Cezanne you’ve changed on it is because you know how Mused to have % off sales every single day anyway well instead of having a bunch of sales they changed their prices because they used up like $ jeans and stuff and then they have a sale to make it go down lower but they just changed the prices and see all the lights and stuff general.

like backpacks shirts and stuff now we’re gonna go back to school supply shopping what are redoing we’re getting ready we’re getting school school supply packs yes we’re following lists this time wear gonna donate everything again okay three-ring paper okay all right super wrinkled and it’s right no what are you doing okay okay people ask you later Need.

Why Is Skin Essentials So Famous?

key ingredient with Skin Essentials moisturizers is triglycerides right now there’s a lot of things that function as moisturizers and barriers but ceramics is one of the key elements in the top way of our skin called the stratum corner which it’s funny it’s it’s one-tenth the thickness of a piece of paper but it’s really supposed to keep chemicals out and really keep our skin hydrated and the moisture in but it needs help sometime sin the winter OK so again the ingredient that we might look for ceramicists.

over the counter as well as weened to get that prescription counterexamples OK next I want to talk about antioxidants because I tend to see this often in different products but I don’t know what’s most important so there’s a lot of things that can damage our skin from the outside so sunlight smoking etc these environmental factors can actually damage the skin so free radicals are something that’s generated in this and these are little molecules that wreak havoc in our juvederm Denver skin by bouncing off the walls of ourselves and certain products are antioxidants like this one that you have here and this one’s really.

Quenches free radicals so this is something that can be very helpful to quench free-radicals in the skin and these are traditionally things that contain agents like vitamin C and they may have other functions as well vitamin C is one of the building blocks of our skins collagen and it also can help in pigment correction as well are you better off getting.

some of these things at medical grade though or can you get this at the drugstore as well you know a lot of these things you can get at drugstore but you really want to talk toa physician about what’s right for your skin we see so many patients out there who come in and and their friend told them about a certain product and everybody has different needs for instance if people are acne prone.

Why Is Remodeling Company So Famous?

E brothers ltd construction remodeling company provides superior customer service to prospective clients who wish to make their dreams a reality during their next home remodeling project they redetermined to make the vision of your home come alive by combining all craftsmanship with modern technology which creates higher standards to home remodeling the owner army and Narcissistic needed from Armenia founded a Leonie brothers ltd in he strives to give his clients best treatment while staying committed to helping you figure out what best fits your needs and budgets we offer a wide range of services from-interior to exterior work the members.

Four staff specialize in diverse fields of home renovations and construction weave the most experienced members apart of our team so that you will get an honest estimate and completion of Theobald found out about handy buzzes through the website i did a search and it came up i checked out the pictures online and everything look really really good so decided to give them a authentically guys were very friendly they came they were on time every morning there are very friends work with easy to talk to anything that I asked they were always wanting to do it willing to help they were very very friendly I I really love the counters only have so much more counter space it’s a small kitchen yet you have a lot of common space to work on it actually.

encourages us to cook more together in the kitchen who we have space to work at the sometime as well as we can young sit here Mohave breakfast all sometimes when your friends come over we end up sitting here and hanging out semi eliminate kitchen has become I would absolutely recommend any brothers to any friends and family list image on that the work that the data is very professional planet timely manner and I’m very happy with the end product I would absolutely work with anybody’s again I wait until Armand.

once when i get my mansion he’s hurting me good had kitchen bear it really has made us happy enjoy well we found out about brothers from Nebraska roofing neighbor the neighbor had happy Hamid had done some work actually for a friend of theirs and they had given us his card and I called him actually initially to look at our bathroom upstairs and when he came out to give us a price on the bathroom we would started talking about the kitchen and he had all these ideas you know take the wall down do this Matthew months later we kind of tried to put the financing together.

Advantages Of Album Proofing And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

The changes that the clients online album proofer have requested in the finished view that there are multiple after we’ve made the change snow it’s time to upload the new revision to that very same design proof so I’m going to click yes we’re going to godhead and log in and then I’ll click edit by just clicking on the name of the gallery and we’ll go to the second step upload revision and then we will select those new exported file snow the process is exactly the same as before but you’ll notice when you refresh that gallery has moved from proofed galleries over to here and while I click on the links we can share.

The exact same links but the client will notice as well as you will notice both in this view and then the finished view that there are multiple multiple revisions here so revision to now they can make comments on revision and then the process is exactly the same and you can keep going through those process until the client has approved everything the first thing you want to do is visit the Settings tab in album proofer your admin name is can be whatever name you want it should be that your studio name so for for example my studio and then your admin email this is how burglarproof will communicate with you via any client changes or anything like that so this is your email an admin website on album proofer if anybody clicks.

on your logo that you’ll upload later this is where album proofer will take them so you want to put in either your blog or your main website wherever you want people to go and make sure you included over here on the payment setting snow this will only be functional for people on a paid album proofer count you cannot use the shopping cart function son the free account so for people who want to use papal for collecting payments we can be anywhere anyone in the world just put in your papal email and you want to choose your currency by default its US dollar and you can choose any of the papal supported currencies here now when you set up pay pal you want to do one thing this is very important log into your papal click profile and then under hosted.

How You Can Attend Event Center With Minimal Budget

Air drainage it had been certified organic for years and was surrounded by other organic orchards and it’s am only a mile from the only organic fruit packing facility in the whole region and all of this made it stand out differently from the other firms we’d seen and the previous owner had begun transitioning from orchards to vineyards by taking out about acres of fruit but our resonance with this place went a lot deeper than that the spacious mountain and valley views the quiet friendly neighborhood the proliferation of small organic family farms in this valley they’ll spoke to us and over the decade that we’ve been here these first impression.

shave really been borne out as the North Fork Valley has been recognized as Colorado’s farm-to-table Mecca ins thereat art scene here too with artists craftspeople musicians can find outlet sat galleries art centers and performance venues and we’re pleased that the recognition of the creative urge extends to the farms and the wineries the craft breweries and the food oriented enterprises hermit’s just a great place to be part of and it’s sure to get better Max and Are primarily motivated in our farming to deepening our understanding of what it takes to make this farm sustainable to be ecologically economically and socially sustainable.

Is a long-term project event center and a very deep and unenterprising always knew that this transition would take time and experimentation sow seek to understand this farm as an entire interconnected ecological system the fruit that we harvest is abundant and delicious because the trees are nurtured by healthy active soils so we strive to help the life of our soil to thrive from feeding them by building Colorado event center organic matter by planting nitrogen-fixing cover crops by grazing our sheep in the orchards and vineyards to mow and fertilize for us which also avoids compaction from driving heavy equipment we encourage the birds and the beneficial insects to help us to control pests and there are many other practices all.

Reasons Why People Like Art

Can be a second check this doorway can I get up there from here maybe thin kit might jump out of this and walk up there and then jump over that way that might works let’s goo come on come on you’re almost there we go okay so if I go up here only energy build back up I might be able to get up on top of there might be little bit too I wonder if I can get myself up on this oh that’s betters.

little bit I’m falling a little bit sit still please and get your energy back up thank you nope okay let’s go come on I know Think this is k I’m not seeing any over here could be on top of this thing or on top of that thing now let’s give it a second here that’s pretty high up all right and then these are jagged yeah just these are definitely if there’s anything that toucan like conclude based off of this stuff.

It’s definitely the Beast jaggedness mean like there’s nothing up there I’m going to go up onto this spot and then we’ll kind of look around for maybe up there I don’t see anything we’ll see using there and obviously that’s like all sand see there’s some tars down the kitchen I did do we want to go single Flowery noses now I think you guys on the roof too because alright that’s cool all right let’s set unlike rows all right okay wait a minute there’s totally one right there there’s only one right there what are you Hit’s danger times can you give me Kimmy what are you come on come on what are you are.