Advantages Of Album Proofing And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

The changes that the clients online album proofer have requested in the finished view that there are multiple after we’ve made the change snow it’s time to upload the new revision to that very same design proof so I’m going to click yes we’re going to godhead and log in and then I’ll click edit by just clicking on the name of the gallery and we’ll go to the second step upload revision and then we will select those new exported file snow the process is exactly the same as before but you’ll notice when you refresh that gallery has moved from proofed galleries over to here and while I click on the links we can share.

The exact same links but the client will notice as well as you will notice both in this view and then the finished view that there are multiple multiple revisions here so revision to now they can make comments on revision and then the process is exactly the same and you can keep going through those process until the client has approved everything the first thing you want to do is visit the Settings tab in album proofer your admin name is can be whatever name you want it should be that your studio name so for for example my studio and then your admin email this is how burglarproof will communicate with you via any client changes or anything like that so this is your email an admin website on album proofer if anybody clicks.

on your logo that you’ll upload later this is where album proofer will take them so you want to put in either your blog or your main website wherever you want people to go and make sure you included over here on the payment setting snow this will only be functional for people on a paid album proofer count you cannot use the shopping cart function son the free account so for people who want to use papal for collecting payments we can be anywhere anyone in the world just put in your papal email and you want to choose your currency by default its US dollar and you can choose any of the papal supported currencies here now when you set up pay pal you want to do one thing this is very important log into your papal click profile and then under hosted.

Reasons Why People Like Art

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