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The science other is ridiculous technology that’ll never happen think about you driving here today do you want all those people in flying cars also the way we look at artists think about the way we look at scientists again we split them into two-camps either.

we science think of them as grandfatherly bestow errs of wisdom on our culture or we look at them as nerds and Geeks that are below us every generation that has existed since we ‘be been writing stuff down has thought the same thing about science they have thought that everything has already been-discovered now this is one of them.


My heroes Richard Feynman Richard find a colleague of his tells a story about going over Lineman’s house for dinner to cook spaghetti and as they were breaking spaghetti to put into the boiling water the colleague noticed that when your break spaghetti strand.

it doesn’t just break in the middle that actually the third piece flies out of the middle and from a material science standpoint it actually kind of unique they never got to spaghetti they actually ended up.

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Breaking every strand of a piece of pasta that was in fireman’s house trying to investigate the original cause of what’s going on with the material what was what was causing it to behave in that way this is  lamb ER at years old.

she is a Berkeley resident who suspected-that the parking meters in Berkeley aren’t giving the right amount of science times he apparently the City of Berkeley had been approached about this by a lot of people and said it’s going to cost us like two hundred thousand dollars to do.

A study on it she science did it in a few weeks with a stopwatch her work became published a paper which became legislation know as Hammers law in California about the regulation of the timer’s on parking-meters this is Jack and Rebekah at he discovered.