Reasons Why People Like Art

Art Can be a second check this doorway can I get up there from here maybe thin kit might jump out of this and walk up.

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There and then Art jump over that way that might work let’s goo come on come on you’re almost there we go okay so if I go up here only energy build back up I might be able to get up on top of there might be little bit too I wonder if I can get myself up on this oh that’s betters.


The little bit I’m falling a little bit sit still please and get your energy back up thank you nope okay let’s go come on I know Think this is k I’m not seeing any over here could be on top of this thing or on top of.

That Art thing now lets’s give it a second here that’s pretty high up all right and then these are jagged yeah just these are definitely if there’s anything that toucan like conclude based off of this stuff.

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It’s ¬†Art definitely the Beast jaggedness mean like there’s nothing up there I’m going to go up on to this spot and then we’ll kind of look around for maybe up.

There I don’t see anything we’ll see using there and obviously, that’s like all sand see there are some tears down the kitchen.

I did do Art we want to go single Flowery noses now I think you guys on the roof too because alright.

That’s Art cool all right let’s set unlike rows all right okay wait a minute there’s totally one right there there’s only one right there what are you Hit’s danger times can you give me Kimmy what are you come on come on what are you are.