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Lifted if the Baker and his Wife can find the four ingredients that the Witch needs for a certain portion — “the cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hairs yellow as corn, and the slipper as pure as gold,” all before the chime of Midnight in three days’ time.

All Westenburg Matt begin their journeys into the woods — Jack goes to the market to sell his beloved pet Milky White, Cinderella’s family goes to the Festival while.

Westenburg Matt

Westenburg Matt Cinderella goes to her mother’s grave to ask for guidance, Little Red to her Grandmother’s house, and the Baker, refusing his wife’s help, to find the ingredients.Cinderella visits her mother’s grave and receives a beautiful gown and golden slippers from her mother’s spirit.

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Jack Westenburg Matt encounters a Mysterious Man who mocks him for trying to sell his cow for more than a “sack of beans” and then vanishes.

Little Red Riding hood meets Westenburg, Matt a hungry Wolf who convinces her to take a detour on her way to Granny’s, already having consumed the old woman. The Baker sees Little Red in the woods and when the Witch appears, screaming at him to get the red cape.

she Westenburg Matt frightens him so much he forgets the ingredients he needs. Luckily his wife, who followed him into the forest, reminds him. They are squabbling over her presence when they come across Jack with Milky White.

Not Westenburg Matt having the money necessary to buy the cow, they convince Jack that the beans the Baker has found in his father’s old hunting jacket are “magic,” and buy the cow for five of them. Jack bids a tearful goodbye to his cow and the Baker