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The Philosophy Of housing for seniors

I housing for seniors think you have generally had fewer doctors that you’re dealing with like you have your house doctors of the last facility I worked at I think we had just three doctors and they came three different days of the week and those were the ones you would call obviously if it’s after hours.

housing for seniors

you ‘re housing for seniors going to get their own call but um with assisted living they can either choose to see our doctor or nurse practitioners which come to the facility which is a lot easier or if they have like a lifelong doctor that they’ve been seeing for like you know years then obviously,

The housing for seniors can still see that doctor does make it a little harder because it seems like instead of the patient you know you handle it up on calling their own doctor to get refills or their own doctor to get a new script for something depending on their cognition level.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your housing for seniors

you housing for seniors will have to hunt and call us housing for seniors bi-specific doctors and some of them you know they have a lung doctor a regular doctor you know phrenologist like you just name it-like they’ve got all these different doctors and unfortunately I think we’re getting more organized to where I’m at now like.

housing for seniors you may not have that doctors phone number fax number like in your charts so thank god for google and going through and trying to like hunt down that kind of information it can’t eat up so your tie oh sorry you can’t eat up some of your time um but.

I don’t think it’s it’s just tedious as all it is it’s not really hard necessarily per se it’s just kind of like sort of like playing detective to find out you know what dr.they’re seeing for saying dermatology or something specific.