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Air drainage it had been certified organic for years and was surrounded by other organic orchards and it’s am only a mile from the only organic fruit packing facility in the whole region and all of this made it stand out differently from the other firms we’d seen and the previous owner had begun transitioning from orchards to vineyards by taking out about acres of fruit but our resonance with this place went a lot deeper than that the spacious mountain and valley views the quiet friendly neighborhood the proliferation of small organic family farms in this valley they’ll spoke to us and over the decade that we’ve been here these first impression.

shave really been borne out as the North Fork Valley has been recognized as Colorado’s farm-to-table Mecca ins thereat art scene here too with artists craftspeople musicians can find outlet sat galleries art centers and performance venues and we’re pleased that the recognition of the creative urge extends to the farms and the wineries the craft breweries and the food oriented enterprises hermit’s just a great place to be part of and it’s sure to get better Max and Are primarily motivated in our farming to deepening our understanding of what it takes to make this farm sustainable to be ecologically economically and socially sustainable.

Is a long-term project event center and a very deep and unenterprising always knew that this transition would take time and experimentation sow seek to understand this farm as an entire interconnected ecological system the fruit that we harvest is abundant and delicious because the trees are nurtured by healthy active soils so we strive to help the life of our soil to thrive from feeding them by building Colorado event center organic matter by planting nitrogen-fixing cover crops by grazing our sheep in the orchards and vineyards to mow and fertilize for us which also avoids compaction from driving heavy equipment we encourage the birds and the beneficial insects to help us to control pests and there are many other practices all.