Why Is Skin Essentials So Famous?

key ingredient with Skin Essentials moisturizers is triglycerides right now there’s a lot of things that function as moisturizers and barriers but ceramics is one of the key elements in the top way of our skin called the stratum corner which it’s funny it’s it’s one-tenth the thickness of a piece of paper but it’s really supposed to keep chemicals out and really keep our skin hydrated and the moisture in but it needs help sometime sin the winter OK so again the ingredient that we might look for ceramicists.

over the counter as well as weened to get that prescription counterexamples OK next I want to talk about antioxidants because I tend to see this often in different products but I don’t know what’s most important so there’s a lot of things that can damage our skin from the outside so sunlight smoking etc these environmental factors can actually damage the skin so free radicals are something that’s generated in this and these are little molecules that wreak havoc in our juvederm Denver skin by bouncing off the walls of ourselves and certain products are antioxidants like this one that you have here and this one’s really.

Quenches free radicals so this is something that can be very helpful to quench free-radicals in the skin and these are traditionally things that contain agents like vitamin C and they may have other functions as well vitamin C is one of the building blocks of our skins collagen and it also can help in pigment correction as well are you better off getting.

some of these things at medical grade though or can you get this at the drugstore as well you know a lot of these things you can get at drugstore but you really want to talk toa physician about what’s right for your skin we see so many patients out there who come in and and their friend told them about a certain product and everybody has different needs for instance if people are acne prone.