American angel rocks “The over and done band”!

It all happening back in the middle 80’s, Americanangelrocks “The over and done band”while vocalist Rocco Fury met up with 4 other gifted musicians who put mutually and formed the sound we now be familiar with as American Angel. In 1989, their first release, self patrician “AMERICAN ANGEL”, put the band americanangelrocks on the record.

 The band made a video for their first ever single titled as, “HOW CAN I MISS YOU”, which was aspect on MTV’s Head bangers Ball. Then in 1990, at the same time as doing a tour North America, they ran into a trouble, they ongoing getting no label sustain and be in awe why. When they come back from the travel around, the record corporation was disappeared. It just gone astray from the production and American Angel was gone on their individual.

That didn’t stop Rocco and their squad; they persistent on their personal and put out their second album, “EP 92”, in February 1992. At the occasion, the music prospect was altering and unconventional rock was flattering popular. Ultimately, the band goes their detach ways and American Angel was no longer survived. In 1998 front vocalist Rocco Fury unconstrained one more album named, “ARCHIVES”, a collected works of a number of of the songs since the first two albums alongside with some in the past unreleased bits and pieces.

With enthusiasm for the music motionless wild and knowing their strong subsequent was hungry for additional, American Angel rose for a second time in 2007 with Rocco in conjunction with a new gather together. They released airs as well as a Christmas EP which settle true to the mark, matchless, American Angel sound. Now they are at a halt as ablaze up as continually. The future is an open road and there’s abundance more American Angel on the perspective.

Interview with Rocco Fury

What led to the breakup of the original band? And rocco said,

We went up to Connecticut and get out of city. We practice with steelheart and Michael and do a a small number of shows up there, except then we got really depressed  and by 1992 we unfaltering a couple of additional shows and let’s can this for the reason that nothing is going to turn out , and then this new band came out nirvana. I suggest I woke up and this be evidence for mtv describe 360 minutes, I suggest 120 minutes he is laughing debuted this song from band sound plot called loud love. I prized the tune I was like cool, they appear metal. But the graininess and the picture making were unusual although. I didn’t have so as to mettalluster

Buried Band “American angel rocks”.