What Are Co Storage Units?

The storage units Pueblo West CO are climate controlled and meet state and local building codes. The climate-controlled self storage units pueblo West CO is owned and operated by The Pueblo Trust, a non-profit corporation. The self storage in pueblo West offers quality storage unit space at affordable rates. The self storage in pueblo West offers a great value for money. Many owners choose these storage facilities in order to safeguard their valuable personal belongings and safe keep their expensive cars, boats and RVs.

The building is very secure, safe, and well lit. There are 24-hour security monitoring. If there is a break-in at the storage units pueblo West CO, the staff at Security Ride onsite will be able to contact the police immediately. These storage units are on lock down most of the day and at night they are monitored with security cameras. The security staff is on duty all the time around the clock.

Safety features of the Pueblo West storage facility include fire stations, burglar alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. There is a keyless entry system with both keypad and dialer. There is a heated walk-in enclosure with a pan to catch any drips. There is also a phone response if there is an emergency situation. Many self storage facilities are equipped with wireless security cameras and surveillance cameras.

There is a keyless entry system in each of the building. There are also video intercoms in each of the buildings and a 24-hour safety vests in each of the parking lots. In addition, there is a keypad to enter your unit and a radio for the security guard on duty that will keep everyone at the pueblos aware of what is going on. Each of the Pueblo West co storage facilities have individual offices where you can store your items or you can choose to pay an extra fee and rent an office that has both room and a desk for working on your items.

The items in the co storage units can be accessed via a secure code system that allows you to control who has access to the items. There is a mini fencing surrounding the property so animals and other intruders cannot access the storage units. Also, if you want to store large items such as furniture, you can get an indoor storage unit that will keep the items safe. Many of the storage services have secure tie-downs that secure the items to the cement floor in case they are accidentally thrown or pushed.

Co-housing, your items helps you avoid the clutter because everything is together and in one place. You also eliminate the potential for theft by having your valuables organized and secure. Many people like to rent these units because they are close to their homes. You get easy access to your belongings and there is a yard that separates the units. These units are quick to set up and only take a few hours to set up.